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About Gemelix

Our Story
In the world we are living today it has become inevitable where hygiene is our number ONE priority.
I have always had an immense love for harmony within beauty and inner peace (ultimate self-love) while creating sustainability.
We engage in various activities at our offices, recreational times ( like indoor/ outdoor sports), travel, etc... And we often feel the need to keep ourselves hydrated at all times, that's why having your own waterbottle or cup with you at all times to keep ourselves energized at any given moment is a great convenience.

Gemelix is a company established for individuals who craves harmony in beauty and spirituality, our company is focused on crystals and gemstones; we exploit the amazing powers and benefits of crystals and gemstones to the maximum.
For centuries gemstones have been used to charge your body and mind with positive energy. This does not only help you to obtain a clear mind but in its turn will boost your immunity, when you feel calmness radiating from the gemstones.
Crystals provide excellent healing properties and help us cultivate habits to keep us mindful and this helps us reach out to our inner beauty and ultimately radiates as positive energy.
Our company wants to go beyond your mortal body and reach out to your spiritual nature using these crystals and also to make you experience inner peace, joy, and balance. We want you to revitalize your water providing “Elixir water” and experience the powers of crystals in the water you consume. These crystals will give you calmness, boost your immunity, and aid to have a clear mind. Our crystal water bottles are designed aesthetically and also encourage sustainability.

OUR MISSION at Gemelix is to try our best to provide you a perfect combination of gemstones and beauty all in the Elixir water to keep you glowing from inside and outside and to also help in the sustainability of the environment.